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Trust our experts at Hill Country Septic Service in Kerrville, TX, to inform you of the benefits and responsibilities associated with a septic system. 

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How Does Septic Tank Installation Work?

To better understand the reasons behind certain decisions and issues, it’s important to know the facts behind a septic system installation. A hole large enough for the tank will be dug on your property and the tank will be placed. Pipes will lead to a drain field or spray area. Bacteria in the tank breaks down waste and provides a more eco-friendly waste disposal than most public sewer systems. Bacteria can’t break down everything, so it’s vital to only flush waste that is meant to be flushed and to be careful with overusing the garbage disposal with solid waste materials.

Our Team Knows Septic Tanks

The members of our team here at Hill Country Septic Service are state licensed and insured. They are experts at providing many septic inspection services, in addition to septic pumping. We know septic tanks!

When your septic system seems to be showing signs of failure, we're here to make sure that it can be made to run at peak efficiency again. We're also here to prevent problems. Septic tank maintenance is the key to preventing system failures. Our team can spot trouble fast and fix the root of an issue quickly to ensure the problem does not spread.

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